Portable Farms & Stylish Chicken Pens

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Well here’s something convenient for a family without any farm training. A pair of social-environmental entrepreneurs, Colle and Phyllis Davis just created the Portable Farm (TM). It’s essentially a kit that’s relatively easy to put together to create your instant fish-vegetable greenhouse.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release:
Help us break the cycle of poverty and feed the world or simply grow 400 heads of organic lettuce (or other table vegetables) and 100 pounds of home-grown fish in your own backyard in a 6 x 8 foot space.

A Portable Farm™ requires no weeding or watering. Requires minimal water. No pesticides or fertilizers are necessary. It can be Solar Powered and fully automated. No hand feeding of fish is required. Upkeep time is three to five minutes a day.

Portable Farms™ is scaleable for family, community, organizational or institutional installations, and can also be scaled for commercial growing. The fish and vegetables can be eaten or sold locally to stores or restaurants.

A Portable Farm™ is a very simple system: A newly patented pump moves the water from the fish tanks and through a settling tank. From there, the water flows through shallow trays containing gravel where the vegetables are planted, and then the water flows back to the fish tanks. The new pump keeps the fish tanks free of sediments while it sends the nutrients to the plants.”

This is a similar yet bigger idea than Omlet UK’s Eglu mobile chicken pen. Well a bit bigger in terms of scope and diversity anyway. Omlet’s Eglu pen allows you to raise chickens, get lots of eggs and cut the grass all at the same time! How could you go wrong with that!

[Too bad urban bylaws (Toronto and elsewhere) are hampering this! A wonderful friend of mine, Carolyn Young is working on an urban chicken report – coming to a blog near you!]

Well I had wondered how to do something similar in Canada (grins). If another social-environmental entrepreneur is up for it, count me in! Maybe then I’ll put in some time and to help you make it happen!

Of course you can see there are some issues to trying to send these kits everywhere (think of the fuel costs – though I’m going to state for the record that that’s hardly a huge issue relative to eating too much meat or growing with too much chemical pesticides or fertilizers).

What’s important here is the concept of helping others get growing in a convenient way. Give them the the easy way in and then they’ll be inspired to learn more beyond the portable farm (so I pray).

Thank you Tanmayo Krupanszky (Canadian Organic Growers Toronto, Go Beyond Boundaries) for kindly forwarding this to me!

Sunny Lam

t: 416 845 0818
“Growing vibrant soil, food and community.”


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The Urban Homestead: city gardening (book) City Farming: the Growing Revelation

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“Growing vibrant soil, food and community”





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