Will Allen Growing Power Tour 2008

December 25, 2008 at 5:39 pm 2 comments

James Godsil, who’s with Milwaukee Renaissance recently sent this out on the community garden list serve. Yes, Will Allen and Growering Power are doing some tours of other urban ag operations thanks to the MacArthur Foundation’s Genius Award! Here take a look below:

Will Allen Growing Power Tours December 2008

Will Allen, a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” of Innovation for the Public Good, inspired all who attended his monthly Will Allen Growing Power Tour.

These pictures of modest technical quality, nevertheless, capture some
important moments in the evolution of the good food movement.


Hundreds of pages and photos chronicling the emergence of Growing Power and the good food movement.


Send an e-mail to growingpower@milwaukeerenaissance.com if you would like news of Will’s January tour.

Will’s tour specifically inspired Steve Lindner and Josh Fraundorf, who have made great strides toward launching the KK River Village Fish Farm, perhaps as early as 2009.

KK River Village Fish Farm Projects



If you would wish Professor Michael Swedish’s MSOE Class Report on the KK River Village Green Transformation, send an e-mail to KKRiverVillage@milwaukeerenaissance.com.

Sweet Water Fish Co-op

Rob Hopkins’ “The Transition Handbook” and the Whyte’s “Making Mondragon” inspire visions of social enterprisers brainstorming the development of regional “sweet water fish co-ops.”

We have the ingredients in place: the people to design fish farms,
establish them at modest capital outlay, manage, and improve this vital new resource for nature friendly protein and tasty food.

Send an e-mail to godsil.james@gmail.com and we can brainstorm these
concepts on line for starters.

What say?

Why not?




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A Day with Elaine Ingham Location Growing Your Community Food System from the Ground Up

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  • 1. shadowphenyx  |  January 11, 2009 at 5:12 am

    Subject: [Community_garden] Original Poster of Roof-top Farm Responds to Some Questions Raised

    Dear All,

    The Community Growers Roof-top Farm is located in Riverwest, Milwaukee.

    Riverwest Milwaukee is the neighborhood where all of God’s children
    are partnering
    In Will Allen’s Growing Power inspired backyard food gardens, community gardens,
    Roof-top gardens, edible playgrounds, aquaculture systems for
    developing nations,
    Including most likely the Congo Bio-diversity Project and lots more.

    Much can be learned about Riverwest, most likely to be the first
    neighborhood to
    Win a Nobel Peace Prize, by glancing through the pages of the
    “Riverwest Currents.”


    Much can be learned about other partners to Will Allen’s Growing Power Projects,
    In the U.S.A., Latin America, Eastern Europe, and perhaps the West Bank…at



    Will Allen rightly says the key challenge today is…

    To Grow Farmers!

    Community Growers is an experimental project, as will be the
    Sweet Water Organics Fish Farm Experiment,
    Testing the replicability of Growing Power methodologies.

    We Wish to Partner With the Wider World!

    One of the inspirations behind the Milwaukee Renaissance
    Is to partner with people in the wider world
    To accelerate the good food movement.

    The marriage of urban agriculturalists with restoration artisans
    Will make the installation of these systems advance.

    Consumptive Capitalism Is a Cancer

    Fast Food & Industrial Agriculture Are Forms of Slow Poisoining:
    Of People and the Environment

    Growing Power food based organizing is a practical step
    Toward “Commonwealth Economics” that understands the need
    For market mechanisms but equally important the need for
    Commonwealth Values.

    Commonwealth Economics Will Be the 21st Century Metaphor & Paradigm

    It’s time!

    James Godsil

  • 2. Stock Market v. Drip Tape « Organic on the Green  |  January 19, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    […] first piece of advice comes from 2008 MacArthur Fellow Will Allen who is the founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI.  Growing Power transforms communities by […]


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