4 Ways To Add Some Excitement To Your Diet

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Here are four ways to add variety and excitement to one’s diet, in order of increasing value. (Thanks goes to Scott Kustes)

1. Condiments and Cooking Sauces

According to Scott this is the easiest way. Like Scott I love hot sauce (like a bloody lot). In fact I still take it as a personal challenge to take in as much wasabi as possible just to see if I can take it.

Other great choices to get food smoothly down: olive oil (great with bread and balsamic vinegar), hot sauce, mustard (yum for honey mustard), soy sauce, tamari (great with almonds), mayonnaise and salsa (delicious).

Not so great choices Scott mentions are ketchup, barbeque sauce, Worchestershire – a bit sugary or too salty and I have to agree.

In terms of cooking sauces, coconut milk and spaghetti sauce are great with things like chicken, beef, vegetables or spaghetti squash. Great for saute work.

2. Herbs and Spices

The advantage of herbs and spices is that you can avoid using salt at all and you can tailor a dish any way you want. You complement flavours without masking. Alas, according to Scott, it takes a ton of experimentation to get the right mix. Of course that means plenty of fun right?

For salads I’ve always enjoyed the taste of lemon poppy seed dressing with a dash of honey dijon mustard. Must be me? Sprinkling roasted sesame always adds a dash of crispness to dishes too! (Or maybe you just enjoy Korean food?)

3. Shop @ the Farmers Market

Why settle for the limited varieties of food ingredients in your supermarket? Spruce up your diet with a visit to a farmers market.

a. You give yourself some forced variety because only certain things are around for certain seasons.

b. There’s some extra variety of foods you already eat. Reminds me of those dragon eye peas that Titia Posthuma sold at Kingston’s Farmers Market. Those were some crazy striped peas – almost like little striped tigers.

c. You get to talk to people who know a lot about food, cooking and life. Scott gives a glimpse into his experience:

“I recall going to a booth last year and picking up some odd looking green squash (turned out to be Magda), asking what it was, and walking away with a couple squashes and two or three recipes from several people. The people selling you the food here actually cook and eat it as well, so you can pick up some really interesting tips.”

d. The produce at the market is likely more fresher and more healthy than the stuff in the grocery store. You also get to meet the real people who grow your food too and that’s absolutely huge. It ain’t just a bunch of carrots – it’s Farmer Dee’s bunch of carrots and he’d gladly have you come visit his farm.

A list of Toronto farmers markets can be found here.

4. Join a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) Program

“Joining a CSA could be the ultimate in introducing variety to your diet for one very simple reason: you have no choice. You pay for and receive a box of produce every week, selected by the farmer. “

It’s never quite the same from week to week. If you like surprises or enjoy cooking up a new dish based on the ingredients at hand then CSA is for you! CSA farms in the GTA can be found here on Chowhound.

FoodCycles is thinking of starting up a small CSA this year so let us know if you’d be up for a bit of unexpected delight! It would also go a long way to establishing the strong roots of a city farm!

Originally From…

Four Ways To Add Some Excitement To Your Diet | Life Spotlight – No BS Fitness, Health and Living: “Having a more exciting diet comes down to variety – variety in ingredients, variety in how things are cooked, variety in flavors. If you eat the same foods prepared the same way day-in and day-out, you will get bored. You may love steak and broccoli, but if you eat a grilled steak and steamed broccoli every single day, you will get bored. Now, I could just say ‘be sure to include lots of colors and textures’ and leave it at that, but you probably already knew that. You’re reading this because you want some ideas. Here are four ways I’ve found to add variety and excitement to one’s diet, in order of increasing value.”

(Via Life Spotlight.)


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