A City Kitchen Garden That Heals

The Garden Project brings aboriginal people from Vancouver’s downtown eastside to the UBC Farm, and teaches them how to farm, then to eat together, and to bring that food back home with them.

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How to Sprout In 3 Easy Ways (Workshop)

You will learn proven, easy and effective ways to grow fresh, energy boosting and exceptional sprouts guaranteed. You will get personal training, special perks and your own starter kit. There is an informative 1.5 hour workshop taking place each day of Friday May 7, 14, 28 and Jun 11, 25 from 6:30-8 PM (each workshop is a repeat of the first one) at FoodCycles city farm (http://bit.ly/1GYyWQ). You can register for 37 CDN (http://bit.ly/9aZqgh) and members/volunteers/CSA shareholders get this workshop for 27 CDN (visit http://bit.ly/cpUtqH or email foodcycles@gmail.com for more info). You can also “Pay What You Think Is Fair” either online or if you drop in at the door. There are usually only 15 spots for each workshop!

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Attention: Your Food Is Turning to Ash

The world is running out of cheap mined fertilizer used in chemically destructive farming that grows your supermarket food. It’s burning up as fast cheap gasoline oil. According to Carlos Leifert, “Organic farming methods ‘are the only way forward,’ … ‘Even in the short term, organic is the only way to achieve acceptable yields.’”

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One Way For Young Farmers to Start

A nationwide program is looking for young Canadians serious about farming as an occupation

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Why eating veggies all “luck o’ the draw”

Researchers at University of Vanderbilt have found out that not all people get the same benefits from eating vegetables.

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Internship: Garden and Growing Coordinator 2010

FoodCycles is an urban farm located at Downsview Park. Going into our second growing season, we are searching for a Garden and Growing Coordinator to join our team.

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How Veggies Prevent Kid Skin Allergies

Researchers at Japan’s Fukuoka University have found that mothers who eat better and live healthier lives have a lower chance of giving their kids allergies like eczema. This is yet another reason why fresh, local fruits and vegetables (free of chemical pesticides) are so important to you and your family.

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How Would You Like To Grow Fresh Salad in Your Kitchen?

How many of you would want to be the first to test out a space saving, salad growing system in your kitchen or apartment?

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Discover FoodCycles Promise through Edible Toronto 2010

You will find that FoodCycles was recently profiled in the Edible Toronto Spring 2010 Issue with the dazzling selection of Laura Berman’s photography (the printed issue has far more). It gives you a good run down of how last season went at FoodCycles and the fascinating plans going on at Parc Downsview Park. Thanks goes to David Wild for writing this up and to Gail Oliver for including it in the latest issue.

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Get Exceptional Green Documentaries in Hamilton Guaranteed

The 3rd Annual Environmental Film and Arts Festival is happening this April 7-24, 2010. And it has an exceptional line of hard hitting docs you’ll want to see. Organized by Francesca Trifone and her partner it promises to be a powerfully informative week for locals and visitors alike.

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