FoodCycles First 2010 On-Farm Market Tomorrow

You will taste fresh local natural food with no chemicals right in the city at FoodCycles first on-farm market at Downsview Park ( from 10 am-3 pm with tours at 11 am and 1 pm.


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FoodCycles Annual General Meeting 2010

Calling all members and friends to the very first FoodCycles AGM! All are welcome and the event itself is free to attend, however only members can vote. You can purchase a membership anytime from now until the day of (click here, $25 lasts for the year, until end of Dec).

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Job: Community Garden Coordinator (f/t permanent)

The Stop Community Food Centre uses food and food access as a tool for community development in the Davenport West and Wychwood Heights neighbourhoods of Toronto. The Community Garden Coordinator works as a member of the urban agriculture team to engage community members to participate in community gardening in order to improve participants’ access to healthy food, reduce social isolation, and increase knowledge about how to grow food.

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How the Toronto “Buzz” Is On the Rise

Apparently beekeeping is taking off in Toronto with an insane level of “buzz”. In fact, Greg Thomson has been seeing his beekeeping supplies sales going up…

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How Cow Poop Could Power Your Internet

At a recent energy sustainability conference, Hewlett Packard (HP) presented a paper about how cow poop could be used to power the sort of data centres that big companies like Google or Internet service providers depend on. Those kind of centres are some big bedrocks of the Internet.

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Is City Farming Here to Stay? Good Question.

City farming is really getting into the consciousness and it’s hugely different from the “back to the land” movement of the 60s and 70s. Just as Sunday Harrison of Green Thumbs Growing Kids once said to me, “Farming alone is the stupidest thing you can do.” It’s isolating and human beings want to be a part of something bigger — in fact humans have only survived because of the ability to stick together.

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Eater’s Manifesto Official Book of a University

University of Wisconsin-Madison has been giving a copy of Pollan’s “Food” book to all incoming students. Its definitely sparked debate and even riled up some farmers – particularly conventional ones as well as raising a lot of thorny issues that need to be discussed. UW Madison has even encouraged professors to use it their courses whoever they are and whatever they teach.

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